I’ve never been comfortable with shameless self-promotion, so I asked these folks to do it for me.

I took a flyer on David because he came highly recommended from someone I trust. And I’m sure glad I did. Our industry is a difficult one to understand, and I’m slow to add new freelance writers because of the learning curve it takes most to get them up to speed in capturing the right tone and voice that I want. David hit both (voice and tone) out of the park. He stayed true to what I wanted the piece to communicate, but he went the extra mile and gave me more than I expected—all on the first draft. Very few changes or alterations. Look forward to working with David more in the future.”

– R. Todd Eliason,  Editor-in-Chief, Direct Sales News

“I’ve worked with a lot of writers in my career; some with enormous talent; some with great work ethics that get the job done when it needs to be done–and then there are those rare animals that stuff their talent into their copy while hitting the deadlines with a verve and completeness that can often only be hoped for. David is that animal. With a propensity to get it right, gut the fluff, fish out the facts and put his uniquely charming voice on the topic at hand, David always brings it. With little direction or dissuasion, he delivers the goods neatly packed with economy of exposition and a keen approach to the subject.”

– Kevin J. Ross, Director of Content, SUCCESS Partners

“After trying to develop copy for our direct mail campaign and failing to convey the right things to our audience, we found David through his website. After meeting with him to go over our creative brief, he was able to covey the right things to the audience with minimal copy. And he captured the essence of our tone and voice exactly. First try. He was quick to grasp what we needed and wrote excellent copy – short and sweet – that fulfilled our needs. He simply gets it.  The force is definitely strong with this one!”

– Wayne Levan, Creative Director, Newman Connection


“Online lead generation has created a huge demand for quality content and companies that don’t plan carefully can quickly get in over their heads. Enter David C Justin… David is an imaginative, articulate writer who brings intelligent research and lots of great ideas to the table. While his writing is crisp and the work is strong, it’s really his ability to work independently with minimal supervision that makes him one of my favorite copywriters to partner with. He’s organized, patient, and has excellent interpersonal skills. It also doesn’t hurt that our technical sales support team and on-the-go sales personnel find David easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again for future projects.”

– Cherie Gary, Principal, Gary & Partners

“David has helped chiropractors, HVAC companies and medical facilities distinguish themselves online, tightening the relationship between buyer and seller. He also helped me launch a local online magazine for my hometown and where we run our business. Countless times in the last year I’ve had friends and city leaders (including our mayor and state rep) tell me how much they enjoy reading David’s articles.”

– Jason Claybrook, Owner, 828 Web Design