Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the greatest communication tools ever invented. Some people love them. Other hate them. But one thing is certain, email marketing campaigns exist because of one simple fact… they work.

More leads. Improved sales. Improved conversion rates. Shorter sales cycles.

Whatever you’re selling, whatever you’re offering, an email marketing campaign can help you reach your audience and hit your goals. Of course, if the copy isn’t any good, you might as well send those emails directly into your prospective’s trash can.

Let me link your emails and landing pages with synchronized voice and a consistent message. I’ll make them laugh. I’ll make them cry. I’ll make them click that link.

Gorilla Corporation hired me to write the copy for seven email marketing campaigns for Sage, an international accounting and business management software company. They’re a little more serious in their marketing language so I adopted their tone for the campaign.

Gorilla-Sage Visibility Email 1 – Talent Acquisition.docx

Gorilla-Sage Visibility Email 2 – Talent Development.docx

Gorilla-Sage Visibility Email 3 – Product Information.docx

Gorilla-Sage Visibility Email 4 – Case Study.docx