Blogs are an important tool for your company’s website for several reasons.

For the customer, a blog with quality, on-topic content means you are dedicated to your product and you know what you’re talking about. It lets you show off your knowledge and expertise.

For the search engines, more blogs mean more quality SEO content to read and review. Remember, the more relevant content you have, the higher the search ranking you’ll get. Plus, websites that are updated on a regular basis also get a bump in the rankings. It doesn’t mean you have to post something new every day, but once a month would be good.

All of this boils down to one thing… Trust.

By showing off your knowledge and expertise, customers will be more likely to trust you. By providing search engines more relevant content to review, you’ll give them a reason to move you higher in the rankings. Both scenarios will result in more site visitors and more clients.

Samsung Wireless Enterprise created a blog to showcase the benefits of Wi-Fi for their B2B clients and partners. As a contributor, I focused on the Internet of Things and wrote about the impact IoT has in their selected verticals and in day-to-day life.

Flex Tech is a niche staffing agency specializing in low voltage and electrical staffing. I create content for their blog on a monthly basis, focusing on the benefits they provide for both the talent they promote and the corporate clients that seek that talent.